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Fluid Management System was founded in 2010 by three engineers, inventors and serial entrepreneurs, who has proven history of commercializing products in the electronic & medical device industries.

The idea or concept of "measuring vaccine liquid level in a sealed vial in real time" was conceived, when one of the founder was working on Human Vaccine Tracking or inventory management software development.

In both human and animal pharmaceutical markets, liquid medications are provided in multi-dose vials. Currently, the management of vial inventories is manual, hence problematic. Furthermore, vial inventories are not directly tied to Electronic Medical Records (EMR( supply chain systems. Meanwhile, the healthcare industry is moving rapidly to digitize patient and inventory information making overall system EMR compatible.

FMS has developed non-invasive and low cost technologies for accurately measuring liquid levels inside sealed containers for the Human Health (Smartray™)and Animal Health (VETrak® ) markets. The motivation for such precise measurement is reduce waste and automate the inventory and supply chain process and also enable medication fluid usage Electronic Medical record compatibility.

Product Application- For hospitals, clinics, and animal feeding operations:

  • Digitizing inventory management of injectable liquid and solid granular medications such as pills and tablets.
  • Improving human and animal practice management by enhancing traceability
  • Cutting costs and enhancing quality control during pharma manufacturing.