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The measurement system developed by FMS was envisioned as a system for tracking injectable medications given out at hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices throughout the country. The technology resulting from this vision is highly adaptable and the first iteration of the vision rests with the veterinary market. Since medication is handled similarly for our animal counterparts the system vial softwareonly needs to interchange parts to accept larger vials and quantities of medicine.

Behind every good piece of hardware is a robust software platform that brings the functionality of the device to life. Non-invasively measuring liquids is great, but it has to be coupled with software and easy to integrate into systems that are currently in-place and FMS has successfully married the two. The image is representative of what the Graphical User Interface to the software will look like; training and installation will be provided to new customers.


FMS Inc. Products List

Smartray™ Product DataSheet

VETrak® Product DataSheet

VETrak® Animal Vaccine tracking Automation System

The VETrak® animal vaccine tracking and automation system approach is unique and first of its kind in swine industry, which allows swine firm owner to reduce medication cost through these parameter or indicators:

  • Track medicine inventory by measuring liquid level in each medication bottle or vial.
  • Track whom these medicines are given, when and how much.
  • Vaccine schedule due alert messaging.
  • Inform medicine supplier and distributor for future order and projection.
  • Control medicine wastage
  • Data analytics reporting on collected data and projection

The FMS’ patented commercial product VETrak® animal vaccine tracking and automation system for swine industry has been successfully passed customer field testing. This system helps user to monitor vaccine liquid level or volume in each vaccine vial or bottle, reduce vaccine wastage, medication cost and overall operation cost.

The VETrak® system combines both hardware and software solution to automate vaccine inventory workflow (order, receive, stock alert, consumption, given medication tracking, vaccine schedule and reminder or alert message) and reduce vaccine wastage and over all medication cost. This is a complete system.

Swine vaccine supplies account for over 30% of a firm total costs. VETrak® animal vaccine tracking and automation system empower Swine firm facilities to effectively control inventory, reduce operation costs and Increase revenue.

FMS Inc. offers a broad range of hardware and software solution to reduce cost & wastage, track single drop of liquid in a sealed bottle or vial and automate entire vaccine supply.

System Features:


  • Non-invasive liquid level (amount) live or dynamic measurement from sealed medicine bottle or vial and store that data or information into the VETrak® inventory automation management software system.
  • System is sensitive enough to respond with different swine medication combination - from water based medication to oil based medication to different solution mixtures, from transparent liquid to thick & dark opaque and color solution from 25ml to 600ml in different glass and plastic bottle sizes.
  • Scan, capture and store bar-code or RFID data into VETrak® inventory automation management software system
    • Lot #
    • Expiration date
    • Medicine name
    • Manufacture name
    • Total volume
  • Smartray™ to hold multiple vials containing liquids.
  • Remotely (wirelessly) perform all the above tasks for an array of Smartray™ located inside a refrigeration unit.

VETrak System


  • Web & cloud based and user privileged based VETrak® inventory Automation management software system.
  • VETrak® inventory automation management software system runs either from local physical & virtual server or cloud server.
  • Collect RFID or bar-code data.
  • Vaccine schedule due alert message.
  • edication consumption or given medicine tracking flow.
  • Inventory system from single liquid drop to vial level to vial lot number.
  • Medicine purchase order flow.
  • Connect to medication supply chain.
  • Data reporting analytics on collected data.
  • Generate various reports.
  • Connect or interface with Swine EMR system.
  • Web Mobile Apps.
  • Shared database from Swine firm to vaccine supply distributor chain. This eliminates and reduces redundant data entry and minimize errors.

VETrak® inventory automation management software system module details:

Administrator Module

  • Manage entire Application software system.
  • Application software system General setting.
  • Create user login.
  • Manage dynamic and programmable features.

Vaccine inventory Module

  • Add vaccine information.
  • Manage and track entered vaccine
  • Interface with Vaccine level-monitoring module and synch data dynamically
  • Interface with Patient Vaccine tracking module
  • Generate all type of inventory reports and statistic report.
  • Interface with Vaccine Supply-chain software system.

Vaccine level-monitoring and interface (I/F) with Hardware System

  • a. Live interface with VETrak® hardware system and collect each holder’s vaccine bottle vaccine-level.
  • Display VETrak® hardware system’s tray Vaccine bottle-level data Live.
  • Generate all type of monitoring & tracking reports.
  • Data mining, statistic & analytics report.

Animal Vaccine tracking & Vaccine scheduling (age-wise) module

  • Interface with Vaccine level-monitoring module and collect given vaccine data.
  • Each Animal Vaccine scheduling (age-wise) alert.

Mobile Web Apps

  • Will be available in phase-2.

Application Software Features:

  • Cloud web-based application.
  • User privileged login based application.
  • Server-client based application.
  • Run from anywhere and anytime.
  • Runs on desktop, Laptop, Tablet/iPad and Mobile devices.
  • Runs on Window, Linux, iOS and Android Operating system

System Requirements:

  • Server-side
    • Cloud
  • Client/User side
    • Desktop, Laptop, iPad, Tablet


  • End user - Swine Firm
  • Intermediately user - Veterinary Clinic.
  • Supply chains user - Distributor or pharmaceutical company.

Screen Shots:

Screen Shot #1

VETrak® non-invasive fluid measurement

Screen Shot #2

VETrak® Fluid Management

Smartray™ Internet of Things IoT

The Smartray™ can measure liquid levels in multiple vials simultaneously. The non-invasive technique determines the number of doses remaining in vials.

Since the tray already has the pertinent inventory information it can seemlessly report it to a centralized system to create alerts for ordering.

Smartray™ Internet of Things IoT

Based on the Smartray™ the Smartray™ is designed specifically with allergy testing centers in mind.

An allergy test consists of many panels of different allergens, being able to measure the sample instantaneously eliminates the need for individually package products reducing time and cost.

VETrak® Internet of Things IoT

A Vet's office is very similar to a Doctor's office, and the VETrak® is designed around this concept.

The technology driving the VETrak® is identical to that of it's predecessor. The major change comes in size of the "holders" for the vaccinations and shots.