Fluid Management System (FMS)

What is FMS?

  • Non-Invasive and Wireless Measurement of Fluid Levels Inside Sealed Vials
  • Customizable Product to Industry and Requirements

Who Should use FMS?

  • Human and Animal Health - Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Fluids

FMS Applications

  • Digitize Inventory Management & Medical Records

Why Use FMS?

  • Cut Cost of Inventory Carrying and Enhance Traceability


First Beta Unit of VETrak™ Shipped – Commercial Evaluation in Progress.

VETrak non-invasive fluid measurementVETrak-Fluid Management Systems

United States Patent and Trade Mark Office (USPTO) granted FMS a US Utility Patent # No. 8,467,981 entitled: "NON-INVASIVE LIQUID LEVEL SENSING SYSTEM AND METHOD".

USPTO has granted Fluid Management Systems, Inc. use of VETrak™ trade mark.

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Dr. Subodh Das, CEO/Co-Founder

Dr. Das is experienced in developing and commercializing new products. During 35 years of experience as an industry executive, academic, and entrepreneur he has created and organized six research consortia and high-tech companies.  

Dr. Somnath Mukherjee, CTO/Co-Founder

This image of Somnath Mukherjee did not load correctly.Over 20 years technology and product development experience in RF/Microwave Engineering applied to Sensors, RFID, Wireless Communication, Fiber-optic Communication, RF/microwave Test Equipment.

Ajay Das, COO/Co-Founder

Image of Ajay Das did not load correctly.Over 20 years of diverse experience in Product Development, Management, and Marketing in the HealthCare, Wireless, Telecommunication, and Semiconductor Industries in both North America and Asia.

Dr. Michael Coe, Chief Business Development Officer

Image of Dr. Michael Coe did not load correctly.Dr. Coe has over 20 years of experience in support of health technology platform development for the food production and animal agriculture industries. Dr. Coe will be developing new and expanding existing business opportunities for FMS products and services.

Nalini S. Mahadevan, General Counsel

Image of Nalini Mahadevan did not load correctly.Nalini Mahadevan earned her JD from the St. Louis University School of Law and MBA from Washington University, St. Louis, MO. She was a partner at Lowenbaum Partnership and a founding partner at Mahadevan Law Office, LLC, both in St. Louis. She has over 10 years of experience in federal law. She is also an Adjunct Professor at St. Louis University School of Law.

Mimi Roper, Director of Marketing

This image of Mimi Roper did not load correctly.Mimi graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina with a degree in public relations. She has many years of experience of marketing in multiple industries. She will be leading our efforts in investor, customer, and public relations.

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